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The Leading Investment Bank for Middle Market Mergers and Acquisitions

Douglas Group is a St. Louis based private investment banking firm focused entirely upon representing business owners in the buying and selling of companies. Specializing in middle market mergers and acquisitions, the Douglas Group's mission is to create value for our clients and wealth for their owners. We pursue that mission with vigor, diligence and professionalism.

Our Business is the Buying and Selling of Businesses

Private Company Sales

Douglas Group has been successfully selling middle market companies for 25 years. During that time, we have closed in excess of 125 transactions, and succeeded in selling 95% of the companies which have become our clients. Our goal is to satisfy our client’s objective EVERY time.

Industries We Serve

Our clients come from a wide range of industries. Since our earliest years, we have represented plastic and metal manufacturers. In the past decade, we have expanded to pharmaceuticals, distribution, and service organizations. Our seller clients typically range between $20 and $250 million in revenues.

What’s My Business Worth?

Are you contemplating sale? Knowing the value of your business is an important early step toward deciding if it’s the right time. Douglas Group will be happy to have an introductory discussion with you at no cost, explain transaction options, and provide you with a free, no-obligation Value Assessment for your consideration.

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Client Testimonials

Custom Commercial Printer
"I trusted Douglas Group to help me sell a company that had been in my family for 100 years. I trusted them to negotiate a transaction that was good for my employees and hit a target price for the shareholders. They accomplished both. My trust in choosing Douglas Group was well placed. "

Plastic Injection Molder
"I was astounded by the price we got. We ended up with a price far above anything we thought was reasonable. The Douglas Group people know their stuff. "

Industrial Metal Products Manufacturer
"Douglas Group did a great job, and I'd feel very comfortable referring anyone to you."

Consumer Product Manufacturer
"We almost took an offer that was, as it turned out, ridiculously low…Douglas Group literally saved the family fortune."

National Magazine Publisher
"I was shocked by the number of high quality buyers Douglas Group put in front of us quickly. You took care of me all the way through and protected me on all those issues that were really important to me as a seller."

Construction Contractor
"Construction is a tough environment for selling a business. Douglas Group worked your way through our situation methodically and well. You found the right kind of buyers and got us a decent price. "

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